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is AMETEK Factory Automation's flagship product line that includes Linear and Rotary Position Sensors, PLC & Network Interface Products, Press Automation, Programmable Limit Switches, Industrial brakes, and more. These products are designed for applications where high accuracy, high speed and high reliability in harsh environments is important. The 953 VMAX is GEMCO's newest Linear Displacement Transducer with lab tested shock resistance to 1000 Gs and vibration resistance to 30 Gs. Patented technology allows GEMCO products to out-last competitive products in lumber mills, steel mills, stamping presses, and die-casting applications.

B/W Controls offers an extensive line of sensors for Point and Continuous Liquid Level Control. B/W Controls uses the same advanced magnetostrictive technology as in GEMCO products providing high accuracy and reliability for continuous liquid level measurement. Continuous level sensors are used in industries such as chemical processing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and petroleum. Point Level is used in municipal water and wastewater applications. The advantages of conductivity control over mechanical control include fewer mechanical problems, ease of installation, and operational efficiency that is immune to changes in pressure.

CATRAC is a line of Heavy Duty Cable and Hose Carriers that is used on various types of machinery as a means of protecting cables and hoses that convey power, electricity, air, or fluid while the equipment is in motion. The CATRAC line of carriers is known for superior corrosion resistance. It is designed to be maintenance free and comes in a wide variety of sizes with many options available. Aluminum and stainless steel CATRAC is also available as well as a line of SnapTrac nylon carriers.

GEMCO Industrial Brakes are field proven, high performance brake systems.  They were originally designed and built by Westinghouse and Wagner Industrial Brake Group and purchased by us in the late 1980's.  The Brakes are tough, reliable, and provide extended, trouble free service.  They have been built and designed to the original specifications for more than 40 years.  Don't settle for knock offs, purchase and specify the original Westinghouse and Wagner brakes.  Look to Ametek for your Hydraulic, Magnetic & Electro-Thrust Brake Systems.

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